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2018 AMD Dota 2 Pro Series by Convictus eSports Group

It’s not every day we get a huge Dota 2 tournament in Melbourne, so of course it was something I had to mark in my calendar: the AMD Dota 2 Pro series, run by Convictus eSports Group. The total prize … Continue reading

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Keep Bonding and Nobody Explodes

In my first actual focused attempt to “bring people together”, I organised a team bonding session with the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for the programming team. The game is multiplayer, with one person acting as the bomb defuser and … Continue reading

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Once You Go Black

As Pharmacist put it: crush on black intensifies I first noticed Black back in TI2, I think it was. He did a player interview, and talked about what he would do with the money if he won. He said he … Continue reading

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It finally happened to me – the reason I was inspired to start my Dota 2 experiment in the first place. I got grouped with someone who thinks girls are bad players. Dotabuff: OpenDota: Unfortunately, I wanted to get both of … Continue reading

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Bane of My Existence

Can you guess when my subscription to Photoshop ran out based on the recent quality of my images? I got asked a question, “If I were a Dota hero, which one would I be?” which sounds like a question from one … Continue reading

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Dr Cox or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Unfriend with Aplomb

A former Valve employee posted a Half Life 3 fanfic recently, and it seems to have caused a lot of backlash against Valve’s current franchise baby, Dota 2, the implication being that Valve’s focus has shifted and Dota is to blame for … Continue reading

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Pudge and Silencer at the Library

Fan-Fiction Friday! Featuring two of my favourite Dota 2 heroes: Silencer and Pudge. My goal in writing this is to channel my 15-year-old self. ——————————————– Silencer’s stomach began to grumble, and he quickly silenced it through sheer force of will. He … Continue reading

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