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Devil May Soulcry

I was a bit freaked out to see this message. I wasn’t sure if the person on the other side had a good or bad memory of me, maybe I had trash-talked them (unlikely, but maybe I was in a … Continue reading

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One thing I did get out of our failed tournament participation was that I found out that my brother is playing for a professional DotA 2 team. In fact, they were invited to The International – and if Valve is … Continue reading

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And Then There Were None

NaNoWriMo has started, and yet I’m writing a blog post instead of writing my story – procrastination knows now bounds. Today was the last day of “440 DotA”, which is kind of sad, because I really enjoyed playing DotA with … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice….?

I went to a LAN with some people from uni, and we ended up playing a few games. It was pretty fun most of the night, but I noticed that someone got pissed off that we wanted to play DotA … Continue reading

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All Grown Up And No Place To Go

Oooh, life goes on, and its only gonna make me strong It’s a fact, once you get on board say goodbye ’cause you can’t go back Oooh, its a fight, and I really wanna get it right Where I’m at, … Continue reading

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When You Say Nothing At All

I watched a DotA replay with Cousin Simon, Cousin Andrew and Neb, and the game in the replay was actually pretty close. I fed quite a lot in that game (I was a terrible spectre), and we only won in the … Continue reading

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