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IWD Message

In response to my post about Settlers of Catan, Ephant wrote some great points, which I think you should read if you’re interested in improving your game. —————————————- Happy International Women’s Day. In an odd turn, I would like to … Continue reading

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The Social Network

The problem with pre-writing posts is that the posts won’t line up with events. Since it’ll be after New Year’s Day when this is being read, I should have done a New Year Resolution write up, but since the year … Continue reading

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Meeting, Bloody Meeting

I’ve never been a very outgoing person. I’m not the stereotypical awkward nerd (although at times, you probably would think that I was), but I still find myself crossing the road to avoid having to talk to someone. But it’s … Continue reading

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Social Sim

I realised that my posts are pretty formulaic. They start with an anecdote of some sort (occasionally related to my life, but sometimes something I’ve read/heard). Then comes some discussion on a topic, usually related to the anecdote, but only … Continue reading

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Negative Reinforcement

I can’t remember how long ago it was that GP told me to read the 4 Hour Body book, but I finally started reading it today, and it sounds pretty interesting. One of them was to do just 30 minutes … Continue reading

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In the Reeds

I’ve been feeling bored lately, mostly because I’m starting to get pains in my wrist – I think caused by too much Diablo 3. I’ve decided to take it easy on my wrists for a bit in order to be … Continue reading

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Wash It Like It’s Hot

Continuing from yesterday’s topic, I was at a men’s health seminar at work and he asked what’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to get your wife hot. Nobody offered an answer, and he replied, “An oven.” Then he added a … Continue reading

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