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Where Are They Now: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Been waiting for a blog I read to do a “Where are they now?” on the Power Rangers, but then decided not to be lazy and do one on my own. I really only watched up to when they became … Continue reading

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Something Fishy

MrMan5.5 and I have discussed fishnet stockings a few times recently, and I believe they are for prostitutes (although I bet in saying this, one of my friends is going to pop out of the woodwork and tell me how … Continue reading

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Two Front Teeth

So it’s that time of the year again, when I get even older than I already was. Sharon keeps asking me what I want for my birthday, and really, other than a cookie scoop, there is nothing in particular that … Continue reading

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Ego Post

OK, I’m finally getting off my lazy ass and writing the post where I tally up who the most mentioned people are since my last anniversary post – so that’s 08 July, 2007 to 07 July, 2008. Here goes!  I’m … Continue reading

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2008 – a review

OK, one of my new year’s resolution is going to be not to try and match Jenny anymore, despite how wonderful I think she would be with the person I’m trying to match her with. (Cue Jenny’s /sigh face.) Considering … Continue reading

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Mmm… Tofu

I know that I’ve complained about my allergies a few times before, but I think I should stop eating out because of them. It just seems to cause problems for people who eat with me, and people who have to … Continue reading

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Lately, I’ve been getting into some arguments and trying to argue my point of view. The problem is, these arguments tend to become X vs. Y, and I’m more interested in arguing what I believe is right rather than taking … Continue reading

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WTB Temporal Lobe Lobotomy

My brain hurts. Trying to stuff a semester’s worth of information into your head in one day is a bad, bad idea. I’ve had 4 days to study since my databases exam. In the meantime, I’ve picked up a copy … Continue reading

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Running Out of Time

First, I am making a public apology to Hungry Jacks. After reading this comment on my post The Coke Side of Life – Where’s My Drink?:  The way to consider it is as follows: The meal (as displayed in the … Continue reading

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I guess I should probably explain the whole, "Anjman is a Kenyan" thing in case people think my sisters and I are really racist. Which we probably are from a certain point of view, as we make the worst jokes. … Continue reading

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