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Hold the Door

Taking a break from Star Wars¬†related posts, because I underestimated how long they took to write! Looking at my time spent writing blog posts, and it’s a lot! Granted, most of that time is spent watching the movies and checking … Continue reading

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Stop, Thief!

On our way back from Old Kent Road, we stopped by a post office so that MrFodder could send a postcard to his grandparents – his grandmother collects postcards in an album, so I’d like to send her one from … Continue reading

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(NSFW) Reflection in the Lake

This post is rated R, for sexual content, and possibly TMI if you tend to visualise things and don’t really want the image of me and MrMan5.5 having sex, so read at your own peril! ——————————————- Had a bit of … Continue reading

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Smurfette Principle

Another one from the unpublished folder… ——————————– I’ve started watching feministfrequency’s (Anita Sarkeesian) series Tropes Vs. Women, and one of her recent ones was on the topic of the Smurfette Principle. The claim is that most shows are a group … Continue reading

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FX Appeal

Someone on Reddit asked if anyone who had made a post (with naked/revealing pics) on r/gonewild had lived to regret their decision, and this particular comment, and I_KeepsItReal’s reply¬†caught my interest. (In case comments are deleted or the thread dies.) … Continue reading

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Special FX

In happier news, I have pretty much been offered a job. I’ll be doing development for interfaces to FX feeds, I think. My team is a bit split at the moment, so I don’t really know where they’ll place me. … Continue reading

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Engagement Party Idea: Engagement LAN

So MrMan5.5 and I were tossing up the idea of having EngagementLAN – a LAN instead of an engagement party. We’ve come up with a few ideas, but I want to bounce them off people here in case they can … Continue reading

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Just in regards to my last post, I didn’t mean to give the impression that MrMan5.5 never does the laundry. In fact, he is the one who does all the laundry, because I don’t know how to use the washing … Continue reading

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Nigel’s Words

Ah, I realised that some people might not have read about the inverted penis thing (don’t google it…). One of my cousin’s friends called me an inverted penis because I’m a girl, but I like to do “guy things”, like … Continue reading

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The Baddie Files

Have been playing a lot of HoN lately, trying to prepare for a tournament. I can see now why some people don’t find it very fun. Usually I enjoy playing, even when we’re losing, as I feel like I’m improving, … Continue reading

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