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Read It For the Articles

This one is for redbeanpork’s withdrawl symptoms. I can’t remember if I mentioned why I’m taking a break from writing, but it’s because I want to start writing a book. To help transition from writing blog posts to writing longer-form … Continue reading

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Honey Ice-Cream

Ingredients 400ml soy milk 200g coconut cream 17g dextrose 100g honey (I used manuka) Method Mix all ingredients together over low heat. Leave in fridge to cool for at least 4 hours. Churn in ice-cream machine. ———————————- The first time … Continue reading

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JFF – 二重生活 (Double Life)

If Radin! was the French movie I saw this year that called out to me, 二重生活 would be the Japanese equivalent. As soon as I read the synopsis, I decided that this was a movie I definitely had to see at the … Continue reading

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Northgard – First Impressions

I’ve been looking for a game like Banished for a long time. Banished is a game where you control a band of villagers who have been exiled and need to build a new town. You need to gather resources and survive against … Continue reading

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Go Mo’

Living up to all my mo-mittments this month (was that bad? Yeah, it was bad). As I mentioned earlier, the mo-cake I wanted to make for Emily has finally made an appearance. I am really bad at drawing the right-side of … Continue reading

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PAX Aus 2017 Wrap-Up

I didn’t enforce at PAX this year, and only ended up buying a Saturday pass. I feel like three days is far too much for me for one weekend, on top of working full-time. I also feel a bit like … Continue reading

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redbeanpork is the Worst

That is all. —————————- Well, I’ll probably forget why I posted this in a few years, so I should probably explain. I was working from home, trying to keep my virus contained, and I hear MrFodder laughing to himself behind … Continue reading

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