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The Big Ask

‘Why don’t you ask her out?’ I’d ask. ‘Don’t you like her?’ ‘Like her? I’m nuts about her. I dream about her. She’s beautiful. She’s the kind of woman my mother would never let me go out with. She’s what … Continue reading

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2018: A Year in Review

It’s understandable if you had the impression that I had abandoned this blog, mostly because I pretty much have. I think writing a post every day for a year was pretty exhausting, but also because I’ve taken to writing in … Continue reading

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2018 AMD Dota 2 Pro Series by Convictus eSports Group

It’s not every day we get a huge Dota 2 tournament in Melbourne, so of course it was something I had to mark in my calendar: the AMD Dota 2 Pro series, run by Convictus eSports Group. The total prize … Continue reading

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Vegan vs Non-Vegan: Choc-Chip Cookie

The latest in my battle with Jal about whether vegan food is disgusting or not. We realised we were both trying to argue different points: I wanted to prove that vegan food can be as good, if not better, than … Continue reading

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How Now Brownie Cow

It all started with IP. The conversation turned to vegan food, and as usually happens, someone will eventually say that vegan food is a waste of calories and inferior to non-vegan food. I think the vegan brownies I make aren’t … Continue reading

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Bottled Up for a Week – the Messages

My last two posts on this topic can be found here: Bottled Up for a Week – Intro and Sending Bottled Up for a Week – Receiving So you can live through what I lived there, below is a list … Continue reading

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Bottled Up for a Week – Receiving

(This is quite long, so if you only want to know what I think worked, there’s a TL;DR at the end.) As I mentioned in my last post on the app Bottled, I started recording the messages I received in … Continue reading

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Bottled Up for a Week – Intro and Sending

I saw Bottled in the Google Play store, and it sounded interesting. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I tried the app Hello Talk, where you specify the language(s) you speak, and the language you are trying to learn, … Continue reading

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Read It For the Articles

This one is for redbeanpork’s withdrawl symptoms. I can’t remember if I mentioned why I’m taking a break from writing, but it’s because I want to start writing a book. To help transition from writing blog posts to writing longer-form … Continue reading

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The Yearly With Fodder

It’s been a wild ride, and now it is time for it to end. I smashed my previous consecutive blog streak of 120, with my final number being 365. I don’t intend on blogging tomorrow, and I’m happy for the … Continue reading

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