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Devil May Soulcry

I was a bit freaked out to see this message. I wasn’t sure if the person on the other side had a good or bad memory of me, maybe I had trash-talked them (unlikely, but maybe I was in a … Continue reading

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Dr. Rekisu or: How I Learned to Start Strafing and Walk with QWES

11:28 PM – Fodder: prayer of healing is bound to D T_T 11:29 PM – redbeanpork: how do you move without wasd? 11:29 PM – Fodder: i move with qwes 11:29 PM – redbeanpork: YOU’RE SO WEIRD 11:29 PM – … Continue reading

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Katarno, the Police Mage

Unrelated to today’s topic, Yish linked this blog Blackboards in Porn (SFW) which I found pretty funny (but I found it a bit disturbing that two girls in those photos have the same skirt that Charmeleon suggested I buy. Is … Continue reading

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Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

It has been a question that comes up every single time I go back to playing WoW. When someone dies in a dungeon, whose fault is it? So in typically MMOs, you have the holy trinity of tank, healer and … Continue reading

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Beep, Beep

Big event happened in my life! I was driving Graham home, this woman was crossing the road really slowly. I was ages away from her when I first saw and by the time I reached her, she was only halfway … Continue reading

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More Stats

Doing all of this in Excel makes me realise how much I miss SPSS. Thought about installing R, which I might end up doing next time I do stats related stuff and have the bandwidth. WoW players and sexual activity … Continue reading

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World of CasualCraft, the Follow-Up

I’ve closed the poll now, and have started calculating some results. I had a total of 38 people respond to my survey. I didn’t take any demographic data, which I probably should have, but it is too late now. Quick … Continue reading

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