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Silence in the Library

I saw Daniel again today. Quentin Tarantino rewind: Derek is a guy at work who has become somewhat of a mentor to me. I mentioned to him that even though I studied software engineering, I don’t consider myself all that … Continue reading

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How It Started

Maybe an O.5 post. Read at your own peril! I am too sleepy at the moment to have thought the entire contents of this post through. During a drunken conversation with a friend (he was drunk, not me – I … Continue reading

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Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?

Miranda: When someone gets married, all bets are off. They’re married and we’re the enemy.Sam: Married women are threatened because we can have sex any time, anywhere, with anyone. And they’re afraid we’re gonna have it any time, anywhere with … Continue reading

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In a Relationship

Not sure what I’m supposed to do if Olek and GP don’t blog after I have. =/ Anyway, someone wrote into mX’s "Lost in Love" saying that her boyfriend of four years refuses to change their relationship status on Facebook … Continue reading

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(NE) Textual Frustration

In case anyone missed it, in response to my last post: Olek’s postGP’s post (It would make sense for me to edit my last post and add the links, but I don’t think anyone would be checking my post to … Continue reading

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Ghost of Boyfriend Past

I was driving home from se440 dessert today when I was reminded of YN. Back in high school, we promised each other that we’d take over the world together. He went on to do nanotechnology, and I ended up doing … Continue reading

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We had a new trainer at work for a while who had each of us run through a full game, with everyone else being players, and every time we made a mistake, the players weren’t meant to tell the dealer … Continue reading

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