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Top 5 Foods For Our Japan 2017 Trip

This was a tough post to write, and I imagine this is what it must feel like when a parent is asked who their favourite child is. When we went to Europe, we took photos of every different meal we … Continue reading

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Samurai Kembu Performance

One of the other things I signed us up for was a samurai kembu performance. Kembu is a ritual that samurai used to do before a battle in order to prepare their body and mind. Samurai don’t exist anymore, but … Continue reading

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2016 in review, part 1

Apologies for the long absence. We moved and didn’t have internet for over 2 months, and the thought of writing an entire blog post on my phone didn’t really appeal to me all that much. ———————————– This has been a … Continue reading

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Brioche, Take 2: The Return of the Happy French Man

The brioche bake-off is coming up soon, and even though I’ve got a bit more bread experience under my belt this time, after watching Yakitate Japan again, I have learned that it is not good to become complacent. Especially as … Continue reading

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More Morning Musings

Unbeknownst to me, I have been rostered for morning shift again this week. The new roster didn’t come out until I’d already left last week, but I thought I’d go in early today just in case. It kinda worked out, … Continue reading

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Stupid Berlin

Late night post as I have to sit around waiting for some waffle dough. This is probably the most involved waffle recipe I’ve ever made so far, and they better be the best waffles I’ve ever had. T_T ————————————— Yet … Continue reading

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End of the Streak

Well, I got completely distracted with my movie and forgot to write a post for yesterday. So that’s the end of the streak. At least I can go on my honeymoon now without the pressure of having to write a … Continue reading

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